All About Us

We are demons. We are Oni. We are OniTees.
OniTees is an independent, self-made clothing brand that was born out of nothing and made into something. Our name is derived from the word Oni, which are a group of demons from Japanese folklore. We are driven by the belief that there are no limits, there are no rules, and anything goes.

Whether you are looking to make a statement or just wear something cool and completely different, you are sure to find it right here just waiting to be worn by someone like you.

All of our designs are custom-made with love, and all of our products are printed and shipped from the United States to people all over the world. We are growing, and the reason why we are growing is because people who wear our clothing know that it is not about fitting in, it's about being true to yourself and nobody else.

Welcome to OniTees.